So Gone Challenge Goes Viral with Viewpoints

      Editorial The popular R&B song,  “So Gone, by singer Monica recently reemerge as an internet sensation and several people are attempting to seize the moment by performing over the song’s instrumental version in what is being called the “So Gone Challenge”. Even Monica herself took the opportunity to record an updated version of the song. […]

Popular Rapper Gets Black Lives Matter Tattoo

      Recently rapper and Chicago native, Lil Durk, went on record to reveal his new tattoo that reads “Black Lives Matter”. Many people who are familiar with Lil Durk’s music associate him as being one of the architects of Chicago’s popular drill music wave, a sound whose premise is based on the elements of street life. […]

Justice A State of Emergency in America

       The recent police shootings of two men, Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, LA and Philando Castile of Falcon Heights, MN have sparked sentiments of both outraged and despair. Moreover, the ensuing violence against police officers in Dallas, TX has the entire country on edge. Today many Americans are grappling over how to reconcile two ends of the spectrum […]

Candidates Trying to Make America Free Again

      The concept of freedom is essential to the America and the republic for which it stands. Freedom is what allows American and its citizens to thrive. It is also what draws people from all over the world to the shores of the United States in pursuit of the American dream. Anytime there is a threat […]

Race For President May Be Closer Than Expected

      There are less than five months until the 45th president of the United States is elected and high anticipation is surrounding who will succeed Barak Obama. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have secured nominations from their respective parties and now will go to head to head in what is expecting to be one the most […]

Bernie Sanders Asks Why Not to California Voters

      During the weekend ahead of the California primary, which is scheduled for Tuesday June 7th, Bernie Sanders addressed an assembly of thousands at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum about his plans as president. Sanders encouraged the crowd to think outside of the box and to think big on all fronts in regards to revolutionary political […]

Silverback Killing Causes Social Media Gorilla Warfare

      What could have been a tragic situation for a 3 year old and his mother turned into an unfortunate event for an already endangered species. A silverback gorilla, Harambe, which was being housed at the Cincinnati Zoo, was put down Saturday after the child somehow ended up falling into the animal’s compound. Since the incident […]

A Butt-Lift May Cost Women Advocates

      A lot of women and women advocates have been very adamant about social progress in terms of societal standards of femininity. New efforts to combat objectification of women are berth on almost a daily basis. More over, when compared to 20th century and earlier historical accounts, the prevalence of women is certain professional realms such […]

Anti-Trump Organizers Should Not Attend Trump Rallies

      In spite of widespread criticism Donald Trump’s popularity continues to gain steam and snowball. For a lot of anti-Trump for president proponents one their biggest concerns are beginning to materialize; Trump as the GOP presidential nominee. Even amidst recent scrutiny such as, Trump reconsidering his approach to self-financing his campaign or questions concerning whether or […]

Thousands Attend Prince Tribute Concert at Los Angeles City Hall

      Los Angeles City Hall– Yesterday thousands of Prince fans, special guest, and entertainers convened in front of the steps of the city hall building in order to pay homage to the artist for his life and legacy of creativity, as well as, for his philanthropic and activist endeavors. Although born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, because of […]