Flash-back Friday: Black Lives Matter Activism

      2016 has been tumultuous year in political and social news to say the least. Take for instance the many civil demonstrations that have taken place. Along with it being a major election year it is safe to say that the nation saw its fair share of unforeseen changes. Because instances of activism have taken place […]

Community Activists Call for Reparations for DOBAS

       Los Angeles, CA– On Saturday some concerned citizens gathered at the Good News Baptist Church for a town hall meeting concerning the appropriation of reparation funds for DOBAS. According to John Peoples, a key spokesman for the reparations measure, there are two important things missing in order to complete American civility; the truth and […]

North Dakota Pipeline Causes Crisis in the Region

      North Dakota– While many Americans will be feasting and checking off their list of foods from the #YouNameIt challenge this Thanksgiving one the country’s oldest group of residents and co-creators of the holiday will be faced with a less than festive ordeal. Members of the Native American Sioux tribe have been involved in ongoing protest […]

Internet Memes Troll Presidential Election

      As projected, in the beginning, this presidential election was a tight race. Nonetheless all of the election drama has finally unfolded culminating with Donald J. Trump being elected as the 45th president of United States. Social media users across the country took to the Internet and many were both candid and creative in expressing how […]

The Internet is Raving about the Obama’s White House Exit

      The Internet is in frenzy as Barack Obama’s second and final term as president is coming to a close. The president, accompanied by his wife, Michelle Obama, hosted their final state dinner under this presidency. State dinners are held in honor of visiting international dignitaries and usually consist of a VIP list of special guests […]

Big K.R.I.T Delivers Powerful Poem on Social Injustice

      Dressed in replica policeman uniform Hip-hop musician, Big K.R.I.T addressed the audience at the B.E.T awards Tuesday night with a powerful spoken word piece. K.R.I.T moved the crowd by demonstrating a very insightful poem that reflects the current social climate in America in terms of addressing instances of police brutality, the power of social media […]

Presidential Temperament A Major Key for Voters

      Long Island, N.Y.- The highly anticipated presidential debated between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place Monday night. It was moderated by NBC news anchor Lester Holt and expected to be the most watched political discourse ever (80 million viewers). It was the first of a series of debates scheduled leading up to the election […]

School Teacher’s Appearance Sparks National Discussion

      4th grade teacher, Patrice Brown, from Georgia is causing quite a national stir after pictures she posted on social media went viral. Apparently some people think that the teacher’s appearance in the pictures is too risqué for a school setting. Despite being fully clothed and revealing little to know skin in the photos i.e. leg, […]

5 Things America Gained Fifteen Years Since 9-11

      Yesterday marked fifteen years since the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. On average, As far as winning or losing the War On Terror, many Americans may be unaware of where the country stands. Every since the vile events of that morning unfolded the United States in general has become apprehensive and on high alert in […]

Kaepernick’s Sideline Play Ruled Not Out of Bounds

      “After further review! The ruling on the field stands!” Against various social commentary and scrutiny San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick continues to stand by his decision of not standing during a popular pregame ceremony. Kaepernick, recently stirred up the business as usual attitude of preseason football by choosing not to participate in the pregame […]