America in Agony over Vegas Strip Tragedy

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Vegas pic

Sunday night’s shooting in Las Vegas is being recorded as the largest mass shooting in modern American history with reports with close to sixty people left dead and over five hundred injured by the lone gunman, Stephen Paddock. The ensuing concern about the incident is raising a range of questions as to whether the shooting was a result of an individual with a mental illness to was it an act of terror/politically motivated? The issue is also seemingly furthering the divide of a nation already splintered on issues such as, the White Houses administration’s handling of recent natural disasters relief efforts, executive orders related to DACA, as well as, the public being bothered by the narrative of whether or not mainstream media outlets will label the tragedy on the Vegas strip an actual “act of terror”.

On the other hand, considering that the country is ran and operated on a two-party system who’s core ideas are at opposite ends of practical reasoning the fact that society is still surprised at social division is somewhat bizarre. The ever-evolving circumstance appears to be only a widening of the already great divide between the two. On that note, in wake of the Vegas shooting, the reemerging issue at hand is gun-control as “liberals” and “conservatives” try to figure out was this an act committed by a domestic resident (mass murderer) perhaps suffering from a mental illness which, may have been prevented if stricter gun laws were place? Or was it an act of terror done based on a distorted sense of ideology (terrorist) meant to incite fear? Or can such maliciousness even be explained in the layman’s terms?

View the poll below to view a what a sample of Twitter users had to say about the shooting.

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