Movie “Get Out” and Social Implications

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Still scenes from "Get Out". Photo credit Twitter. Get Out Verified account @GetOutMovie
Still scenes from “Get Out”. Photo credit Twitter. Get Out Verified account

On the surface the movie “Get Out” is about a young man, “Chris”, whose relationship takes a turn for the worse during a visit with his girlfriend, “Rose” to her parent’s home. Supposedly, Rose’s parents are unaware that she is involved in an interracial relationship, however, the audience is soon made aware that it is all part of a demented plan to lure Chris to their home for a sinister plot to harm him.

Beneath the surface, writer and director, Jordan Peele relays social implications of how the “African-American Experience” is viewed as viable only when people within the group seek assimilation outside of urban America and into mainstream America. Otherwise one’s mental or physical attributes are inept in regards to personal attainment due to being mentally subdued into a state that the movie refers to as the “sunken place”. Meaning that a person may be “woke” to the concept of inequity, yet powerless to address the conditions due to being politically, socially and economically disadvantaged.

“Get Out” explores several dimensions of life that reveal the underlining concept of the movie: First, family as an entity that influences personal development. Chris comes from a broken home versus Rose who has what appears to be a fully functional family. Also, Chris’s background would lead him to be less fortunate in terms of finances than Rose’s family who is very affluent. Lastly, their social circles are very different. Rose’s family guests are appeared to be a list of well-to-do socialites in their own right opposed to Chris’s circle which, consists primarily of his friend “Rod” who works as a TSA agent. The three elements fore mentioned: family, socio-economic status, and social group are all prevalent aspects of society that impact an individual’s perspective on life and ultimately one’s frame of reference and what is regarded as reality. Considering these circumstances betting odds would probably concur that when compared to Chris, Rose would be at an advantage in terms of her approach and outlook on life and would probably make it that much easier for her to manipulate the situation.

Get Out” is not only meant to be a scary movie portrayal that heightens sensitivity towards race relations in society but also a challenge to its viewing audience. That being in order to achieve a more progressive society therein lies the task of challenging stereotypes of all kinds that exist concerning people, culture, etc. and eradicate this sunken place of cynical oblivion that keeps people skeptical about how they view others and their place in the American experience.


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