Flash-back Friday: Black Lives Matter Activism

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2016 has been tumultuous year in political and social news to say the least. Take for instance the many civil demonstrations that have taken place. Along with it being a major election year it is safe to say that the nation saw its fair share of unforeseen changes. Because instances of activism have taken place on various fronts across the country some people have labeled 2016 the year of the protest. Amongst the many individuals and organizations that have taken part in helping to engage public consciousness one group in particular has been the face on many political fronts; that being Black Lives Matter. The video below is just one of the many instances in which BLM has persistently labored on behalf of a segment of the population who might otherwise go unheard had it not been for the collective effort of this group.

Upon being nominated in 2015 for Times Magazine: Person of the year, Black Lives Matter took their cause even further in 2016 making its presence felt in local community events to presidential politics. Individuals within the group such as, Melina Abdullah and Mark-Anthony Johnson have even been featured on this site. Never has an organization of the sort been viewed by the masses from such opposite ends of the spectrum. The dichotomy of perspectives amongst the general public, as divisive as it may appear nevertheless, has shed a piercing light on society as it relates to the American experience and ideas regarding race relations. Moreover, the Black Lives Matter organization did not initiate the gripes within America however, it did diagnosis the symptoms and issues that need remedy. Hopefully 2017 will yield space and opportunities were those symptoms could begin to be mended and healed.

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