No Role Models in the White House

Tweet       Memphis, TN– Last Saturday Confederate flag followers were in Memphis, TN and other parts of the mid-south where they planned to hold various rallies to show support for their ideological views. This showing comes on the heels of the recent removal of two Confederate statues from two of the city’s public parks. This demoralizing […]

Parks and Recreation No Place For Discrimination

Tweet       Memphis, TN – Saturday a diverse crowd of Memphians gathered near the city’s downtown area to stand in support of the removal of a long-standing and controversial landmark. The park and statue named for Nathan Bedford Forrest is just one of several around the country. For many people in attendance at the protest, the […]

Women’s March Makes Its Way to Los Angeles

Tweet        DTLA– After several days of atypical rainy weather the down pouring of showers came to a halt Saturday as participants took part in the women’s march in downtown Los Angeles’s Pershing Square Park. The march comes on the heels of the recent presidential election, which caused a lot of concern amongst women and […]

Flash-back Friday: Black Lives Matter Activism

Tweet       2016 has been tumultuous year in political and social news to say the least. Take for instance the many civil demonstrations that have taken place. Along with it being a major election year it is safe to say that the nation saw its fair share of unforeseen changes. Because instances of activism have taken […]

Bernie Sanders Asks Why Not to California Voters

Tweet       During the weekend ahead of the California primary, which is scheduled for Tuesday June 7th, Bernie Sanders addressed an assembly of thousands at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum about his plans as president. Sanders encouraged the crowd to think outside of the box and to think big on all fronts in regards to revolutionary […]

Summertime is Approaching and It’s Getting Hot in Here

Tweet        In Los Angeles, CA – “It’s getting hot in here” is more than catchphrase in a popular rap song but it has become a reality as springtime temperatures have risen to near record-breaking degrees. Many people visiting from cooler parts of the country and around the world find delight in the sunshine and […]

Say Her Name: Advocates Voice Concerns Over Deceased Wakiesha Wilson

Tweet        Los Angeles, CA– Concerned citizens and community advocates convened at the Board of Police Commissioners weekly meeting today to speak about their interest in how the case of Wakiesha Wilson is been handled. Wilson was found dead in a jail cell Easter Sunday, March 27 however; her family was not made aware of […]

Award Winning Environmentalist Memorialized at L.A. Consulate

Tweet        The state and condition or the earth has been a major issue for many environmentalists not only in the U.S. but also in other parts of the world. The cause of environmental protection took a turn for the worse for the international community when one of its leading advocates, and co-founder of the […]

Dr. King’s Legacy Lives On in Culver City Celebration

Tweet       Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of achieving social progress incorporates various ideas he thought necessary for the betterment of society and enhancing the quality of life in America. King’s message on justice and being of service to others embodies the meaning of extending political liberty and the establishing of Civil Rights. Today King’s […]