No Role Models in the White House

Tweet       Memphis, TN– Last Saturday Confederate flag followers were in Memphis, TN and other parts of the mid-south where they planned to hold various rallies to show support for their ideological views. This showing comes on the heels of the recent removal of two Confederate statues from two of the city’s public parks. This demoralizing […]

America in Agony over Vegas Strip Tragedy

Tweet        Sunday night’s shooting in Las Vegas is being recorded as the largest mass shooting in modern American history with reports with close to sixty people left dead and over five hundred injured by the lone gunman, Stephen Paddock. The ensuing concern about the incident is raising a range of questions as to whether […]

Parks and Recreation No Place For Discrimination

Tweet       Memphis, TN – Saturday a diverse crowd of Memphians gathered near the city’s downtown area to stand in support of the removal of a long-standing and controversial landmark. The park and statue named for Nathan Bedford Forrest is just one of several around the country. For many people in attendance at the protest, the […]

Big Business in Social Conflict: America at Odds

Tweet       In Recent news there have been what appears to be various levels of  social contention that has raised some concern throughout the country, as well as, the international community. Incidents involving opposing ideologies and war of ideas appear to be all too familiar reoccurring circumstances that have repeatedly transpired through out American history. Is […]

Hollywood Walk of Fame Welcomes Ice Cube

Tweet       On Monday legendary Hip-Hop figure, Ice Cube was honored with a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. Born Oshea Jackson, Ice Cube first made waves in the music industry as a member of the popular group N.W.A. Ice-Cube would go on to have a very successful solo career in music releasing several […]

Public Reacts to Trump’s First 100 Days

Tweet       Last Saturday marked the first 100 days of the current presidential administration. With Donald Trump at the helm many pundits were wondering whether or not the former real estate mogul would live up to the expectations of his presidential duties. Considering how unreserved Trump has been regarding his plans to make America great again […]

Movie “Get Out” and Social Implications

Tweet       On the surface the movie “Get Out” is about a young man, “Chris”, whose relationship takes a turn for the worse during a visit with his girlfriend, “Rose” to her parent’s home. Supposedly, Rose’s parents are unaware that she is involved in an interracial relationship, however, the audience is soon made aware that it […]

Women’s March Makes Its Way to Los Angeles

Tweet        DTLA– After several days of atypical rainy weather the down pouring of showers came to a halt Saturday as participants took part in the women’s march in downtown Los Angeles’s Pershing Square Park. The march comes on the heels of the recent presidential election, which caused a lot of concern amongst women and […]

Meryl Streep Politically Candid at Golden Globes Awards

Tweet        Meryl Streep at delivers acceptance speech at 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Photo credit Twitter: @MerylStreepPage The Golden Globes Awards took a dramatic turn when of Hollywood’s most acclaimed drama queens, Meryl Streep, took to the stage to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award for outstanding contributions in entertainment. Streeps’s composure and mode of […]

Flash-back Friday: Black Lives Matter Activism

Tweet       2016 has been tumultuous year in political and social news to say the least. Take for instance the many civil demonstrations that have taken place. Along with it being a major election year it is safe to say that the nation saw its fair share of unforeseen changes. Because instances of activism have taken […]